Challenge Sports 3v3 Tournaments - General Information


WHO: YOUTH DIVISIONS: BOYS/COED, GIRLS teams U6 through U18. (thru U19 in the Super Challenges)


There will be 2 divisions (REC and COMP) for U9 thru Adult where there are enough entries to support them.


COMP or REC? Teams with 1 or more players who have played on a full sided competitive team anytime during the last 12 months will be classified as Comp teams. Teams with no players who have played on a full sided competitive team may be considered as part of the Rec Division. Click for more details on Comp or Rec.


ENTRY FEE: $210 per team for qualifying events. There is however an Early Entry Discount ($20 discount) for teams that register and make payment up to 14 days before the event. After this period, the Regular Entry fee will be assessed to registrations and payments made 13-9 days before the event. For teams registering and/or making payment after the the Regular Entry period, there will be a Late Entry Fee assessed. Guaranteed entry date is 6 pm Monday before the event.

After Monday, teams will only be accepted on a case by case basis. There might be some cases where the soccer facility fills up early, and applications will be cut off sooner than the above dates.

For entry fees and deadlines for the Challenge Sports 3v3 Tour National Championships please refer to the Nationals information page.


HOW: Teams may carry up to 6 players on their roster (5-6 players recommended). Each team must submit proof of age for each player (such as copy of birth certificate, FYSA player pass, drivers license, etc.). Rosters are frozen at the beginning of the team's first game. Players may not be added after that time. A player may play for one team only during an event. Dual rostering for a single event is not allowed. A player can play for multiple teams during the tour season but not during the same event.


AGE DIVISION BIRTH DATES: To go along with US Youth Soccer, we will be using calendar birth years for the player's playing age for our events. The age division of a team in the event, will be based on the birth year of the oldest player on the team's roster. Also note that a player may play in a division older than his/her age, but not in one that is younger. In FYSA sanctioned events, "playing up" is limited to whatever the current FYSA guidelines state. In events that are sanctioned by Challenge Sports only, "playing up" is left to the discretion of the coach and parents.


REGISTRATION PROCEDURE: All registrations for events must be done online through our Tour Management System (TMS). Payments may be made online with credit card or by check payable to "Challenge Sports", and mailed to Challenge Sports, 2440 Michigan St., Melbourne, FL 32904. Accepted teams will be posted on the events information page the weekend before the event. Teams will not be eligible for "acceptance" or placed on the schedule until the registration fee has been received.


CHECK IN PROCEDURE: Check in for qualifying events is typically held at the event site unless otherwise noted on the event's information page. A team representative should arrive at the fields at least one hour before the team's first game to check the team in.

For check in please bring:

    1. ROSTER/WAIVER FORM - (get form directly from your TMS account) with player/parent signatures.
    2. PROOF OF AGE - for each player. (Any one of the following are acceptable as proof of a player's age: birth certificate, passport, verified player pass or drivers license/state issued ID card. Copies of any of these are acceptable to use for the check in process.)
    3. ROSTER CHANGES - If you need to change your roster from the one that was submitted when you registered, make the changes on the TMS system.
    4. VERIFICATION OF REC STATUS FORM - This form is required to be turned in at check in, for any event your team is playing in a REC division.

Express Check In option - If your team qualifies for Express Check In, you do not need ro present any documents. Click here to find out how to qualify for Express Check In.

Additionally at check in you will receive the event T-shirts for each player on the team. Please make sure the player's shirt size is correct in TMS by at least the Tuesday evening before the event. Event shirts are based on what is indicated in their player profile and if the wrong size is in TMS we cannot guarantee there will be a replacement available in a different size.


RULES: Rules can be view or downloaded from the 3v3 Rules Page


BALL: each team bring a ball. U6 U7 U8 - size #3, U9-U12 - size #4, U13 and older - size #5


AWARDS: Individual awards for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place, plus all U10 and younger players get individual awards.


SCHEDULES: Event schedules are typically posted through the event information page by the Thursday night (or 2 days) before the tournament.


SANCTIONING: These events are not FYSA or USYSA events and participants are not restricted by FYSA/USYSA rules and regulations. Participants are not covered by FYSA/USYSA supplemental Insurance.


NATIONALS QUALIFYING: A team can qualify to participate in the Challenge Sports 3v3 National Championships in these ways: 1) Finish within the top 4 teams in your age division at any one of the local qualifying events throughout the country. 2) Finish within the top 6 teams in your age division at any 3v3 Super Challenge, the Disney 3v3 Championships, the USA 3v3 Nationals or the prior year's Nationals. 3) Have placed first within a Gold Division at Nationals within the past 2 years.


COMMUNICATION: All Challenge Tournaments use email and the internet for fast, comprehensive communication. All SCHEDULES and RESULTS will be posted on the internet. For more information contact Challenge Sports at any of the following...

Contact Page


Challenge Tournaments phone (321) 676-1373


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