Challenge Sports 3v3 Tour Rankings Explanation

The Tour rankings are a points based system that are calculated from qualifying events played in during the current Tour Season. Points used in the calculations are accumulated based on games won (which is listed as Wins) during events played in. Challenge Sports 3v3 Tour rankings are continually updated through out the current Tour Season and are used to determine the seedings for the Challenge Sports 3v3 Tour National Championships.

Points earned in Challenge Sports operated events are automatically assigned to the participating teams. Teams playing in Affiliate Events may and are encouraged to have their teams included in the rankings. See the table below on Affiliate Events for information on how to have your team included.

If you have any questions concerning the rankings please use our Contact Form and select Rankings.

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Points from Previous Year's Nationals
Division Winner 3000 points
Division Finalist 1500 points
3rd Place Winner 750 points
4th Place Team 325 points
Points from previous year's Nationals are only awarded to teams that played in the Gold Division finals and third place matches.

Points from Current Season Qualifiers
Division Winner 1000 points
Division Finalist 500 points
3rd Place Winner 250 points
4th Place Team 125 points
Semi Final Win 50 points
Quarter Final Win 25 points
Play In Match Win 10
Consolation Match Win 10
Pool Game Win 10

Point Bonuses:

  • All teams earning points during a 3v3 Super Challenge will receive double ranking points.
  • A 30% bonus will be awarded to teams that sign up to play up in age or girls team playing in a boy's division. *This bonus will not be awarded to teams that are placed in combined divisions that are deemed necessary for the event.

Points for Affiliate Events
Teams participating in Tour Affiliate Events may have their team's points calculated and added to the overall rankings. To accomplish this, the team must have a TMS account and then email us at indicating the team name, team ID, which Affiliate Event and the team's game results.

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