Comp or Rec?

How to tell if a team can enter in the Comp or Rec Division

Please make sure you have read and understand what classifies a team to be able to play within a REC division and that your team meets these requirements. Any team or player determined to have falsified skill level will be dismissed from the tournament and will not be eligible for a refund.

For U6, U7, and U8 age players there is no distinction, they are all considered Rec. For U9 and older age players, we use this definition:
Any 3v3 team that is created by a tryout or selection process based on the level of play/ability of players OR has one or more players who have played on a full sided competitive or select team in a club any time in the last 12 months is classified as a Comp team (guest playing may not count against a player's Rec status as long as it was not more than twice and as long as the player was not rostered to the team). All other teams are eligible to play in the Rec Division. Any team playing under the Rec status must submit a Verification of Recreational Status Form either by uploading it to the team's TMS profile or turning it in during check in.

The definition of a full sided competitive team is one that has its roster selected by a tryout or selection process based on skill and level of play. The term "Full Sided" is to distinguish from 3v3 and applies to 6v6 and 8v8, as well as 11v11 since only the 6v6 and 8v8 formats are available to U9, U10, U11 and U12 players in many areas.

The key aspect of the definition of a comp player is that he or she plays on a team which has its roster selected through a process that is based on ability or level of play. U6/7/8 Divisions do not have separate Comp and Rec Divisions. All U6/7/8 age appropriate players playing on a U6/7/8 team are considered Rec players and do not need to submit a Verification of Recreational Status Form.
Special note applicable in June and July - Players that have been eligible to play Rec who try out for and make the roster of a Competitive Full sided team for the coming season will not be considered "COMP" players until that Full Sided team begins its League or season play. This specifically addresses players who are classified as rec players who try out in May, June or July for a team to play on in the Fall. Those players will retain their "Rec" status through the Challenge Sports 3v3 Tour Nationals in August.


All teams playing within a REC division must submit a Verification of Recreational Status Form, there will be no exceptions to this. The completed and signed form can be submitted one of two ways, online via your TMS account or turned in at check in. We strongly recommend that you submit the form via the online method as this form must be submitted before the team will be allowed to play.

To Submit Form Online

  1. Download the form from here or any of the other links located on our website.
  2. Completely fill out form and have it signed by each player or player's parent, if a child.
  3. Convert form into PDF format (this is the only accepted format).
  4. From your TMS account, go to the Manage Teams section and click on the edit link for that team.
  5. Click on the link below the Level status of the team that reads, Click Here to Submit Completed Verification Form.
  6. Upload form.
  7. Form will be checked by our staff and if everything is correct it will be approved and the team will be in compliance plus you will not have to turn one in during check in.

PLEASE NOTE - if your roster changes, you will need to submit a new form. Any player on the roster that is not represented on this form will not be allowed to play. For teams that already have an approved form uploaded, in cases where there are last minute changes to your roster and you may not have the ability to submit a new form online, you can turn in an additional signed form at check in with the added player(s) on it. Basically there must be a player or parent signature representing each player on the roster.


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