Express Check In

Verified Player Status and Full Season Waivers
(These apply to events run by Challenge Sports only.)

For our Challenge Sports 3v3 events, teams have the option to take advantage of 2 features incorporated into the TMS system: Verified Player Status and Full Season Waiver. These options were designed to help make the job as a team manager/coach simpler, by making the check in process faster and reducing the amount of paperwork you need to keep track of for our events. When used in conjunction with each other (for each player on the team's roster) a team will then be qualified to use Express Check In at any events they participate in. Being Express Check In qualified means you do not need to bring any paperwork to the event (except Verification of Rec Status Form for Rec teams), just pick up your wristbands and go!

To find out about these features and how to participate, continue reading below...



Verified Player Status

Like the name implies this is a system set up to allow users to be able to have their players be verified as to whom they say they are. The system is much like the pre-event check-in process, only it is done virtually and we bring the proof of age for you! For those of you familiar with club soccer, think of this as you would a player pass; only this one is for Challenge Sports 3v3 and is virtual. For a player to receive a Verified status there are a couple of things you must do on your part.

Step 1

  • Make sure the player has their photo attached to their TMS Player Profile.
  • The photo must be a current headshot and remain current. (If you did not upload one when creating the player account, you can still add one by using the Edit Player link.)

Step 2

  • Provide a copy of the appropriate proof of age documentation. (Player pass (front and back), passport, birth certificate or driver's license)

    This can be accomplished by scanning and uploading the documents directly to the player's account via your TMS account from the Edit Player Area

    Any documents that are put into the system are not stored within the TMS system or on the website but are maintained in a secure location.

That's it! Once you have completed the steps above the Player Profile will be reviewed by a Challenge Sports staff member and if everything is correct and in order, the player's status will be set to verified. Once verified, you will no longer need to bring that player's proof of age with you to an event. Please keep in mind that to keep the Verified status active, player's photos must be kept current, especially if the player's appearance has changed.


Full Tour Season Waivers

The Full Season Waiver is an individual player waiver that once filled out and submitted will be valid for the entire time a player participates in any Challenge Sports operated local qualifier. These only apply to qualifying events and not Nationals. National's will still require turning in the Disney waivers at check in for the platers and coaches. Think about it, no more scrambling to tracking down players or parents to get the wavier signed. It can now be one and done!

Waiver Steps

  • Download the Full Tour Season Waiver
  • Have player (or parent if player is under 18) fill out, read and sign the form. (Signature must be an original, we cannot accept digitally signed forms)
  • Submit waiver

Just like the proof of age, waivers may be submitted by scanning and uploading the documents directly to the player's account via your TMS account from the Edit Player Section.

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